Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

We are back this weekend racing not just Formula 1 but Formula 2 and 3 also! We are now in Italy for the return of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. The Sprint returns this weekend also, for the first time in 2022.

Its both Ferrari and Alpha Tauri home race this weekend, can the teams provide a good weekend? Will Max have more reliability issues? Or will he conquer through? Carlos retired last race, can he get back on the podium on Sunday?

Could we see a wet qualifying? It’s definitely looking that way and a possibility of some rain across the weekend also. This could shake the order up quite a bit!

Who needs a good weekend?

Red Bull, or more likely Max. 2 DNF’s in 3 races isn’t a good start for defending his title. I know it isn’t his fault as they were things to do with the car and not himself but he will be wanting this weekend to go as smoothly as possible.

Aston Martin will be wanting a good weekend especially Seb, he DNF’ed in Australia and will be wanting to get through the whole Grand Prix this weekend.

Carlos will also be wanting a good weekend also, he has had a good start to the season apart from the DNF in Aus, but with his new contract being announced this week he will be wanting to perform even more than before.

Predictions for qualifying-

My top 5 are- Pole: Leclerc, P2: Verstappen, P3: Perez, P4: Sainz and P5: Hamilton. Apparently Red Bull are bringing upgrades this weekend, if they work well the fight could be on between both RB and Ferrari.

A part of me don’t want to count out Russell, we all saw what he could do in qualifying when it was raining and at the moment its predicted to rain whilst quali is going on, so we could see a masterclass from him again.

Hopefully we see at least one Haas in Q3, would be nice to see both in there as well as the McLaren’s. Lando likes driving in the wet as we all saw last year, so it may help him get further up the grid for the sprint on Saturday.

Times for the weekend-

Friday 22nd-

  • Free Practice F3- 8:55am – 9:40am (BST)
  • Free Practice F2- 10:05am – 10:50am (BST)
  • Free Practice 1 F1- 12:30pm – 13:30pm (BST)
  • Qualifying F3- 14:00pm – 14:30pm (BST)
  • Qualifying F2- 14:55pm – 15:25pm (BST)
  • Qualifying F1- 16:00pm – 17:00pm (BST).

Saturday 23rd-

  • Sprint Race F3- 9:35am – 10:15am (BST)
  • Free Practice 2 F1- 11:30am – 12:30pm (BST)
  • Sprint Race F1- 15:30pm – 16:30pm (BST)
  • Sprint Race F2- 16:55pm – 17:40pm (BST).

Sunday 24th-

  • Feature Race F3- 7:50am (BST)
  • Feature Race F2- 9:20am (BST)
  • F1 Race- 14:00pm (BST).

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