Round 21- Sao Paulo Sprint

WOW, we are being treated to such an amazing weekend so far! An amazing qualifying on Friday, and an exciting sprint yesterday what could this mean for the race??!

But it was George Russell who won the Sprint after keeping it cool and collected once he passed Magnussen and Verstappen! Carlos Sainz finished 2nd and Lewis Hamilton makes it a 1-3 for the Silver Arrows.

The full top 10 are- P1: Russell, P2: Sainz, P3: Hamilton, P4: Verstappen, P5: Perez, P6: Leclerc, P7: Norris, P8: Magnussen, P9: Vettel and P10: Gasly.

What a sprint for the Merc boys! George was absolutely on fire, overtaking Magnussen first and then holding on to Verstappen and not letting him get away, it took the Brit 3 tries to get past the Dutchman but once he did he was off. Lewis made up good ground aswell, with Carlos having a 5 place grid drop it makes it an all Mercedes front row lockout for the first time this season!!

Not the best of days for RB, they didn’t show much pace, it was definitely the wrong decision for Max to be on the Mediums, but Checo did a few good overtakes to get further up the grid. So they have a bit of work to do in the race if they want to win.

The same goes for the Ferrari boys, especially with Carlos having his penalty. With the Mercedes at the front, the Italian team will be wanting to grab as many points as possible to minimise the gap Mercedes may close in on them.

Even though, K-Mag dropped down 7 positions he still earned a point and has the opportunity to score more in the race today. As for his teammate who started P20 in the sprint will start the race in P12 after doing some overtakes to get further up the grid, so will be interesting to see how Mick will do today.


My top five are- P1: Hamilton, P2: Verstappen, P3: Russell, P4: Perez and P5: Charles.

I feel like we will get a bit of a crazy race today, only two more races left so the gloves will be off and all teams and drivers will be fighting for those all important points… It will be nice to see Mercedes win today, as they haven’t done this season yet.


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