Rookie FP1 sessions complete so far

At the start of 2022, the FIA approved a change to the sporting regulations that would give fresh talent the chance to get behind the wheel of an F1 car.

During two FP1 sessions this season, every team on the grid have to give up both of their cars to make way for a rookie driver. To qualify for this, the rookie can’t have taken part in more than two Grand Prix and will have to have enough SUper Licence points.

Despite the fact this is mandatory, many teams on the grid still haven’t shared details of who they have lined up and when it actually happens, there are only 4 races left…

Three teams haven’t completed one session yet those being Alpine, McLaren and Haas. There’s only 4 races left so teams may want to get the hurry up…

Here’s how many rookies in FP1 each team has used so far this year:

TeamRun 1Run 2
MercedesNyck de Vries – French GP
Red BullJuri Vips – Spanish GP
FerrariRobert Shwartzman – United States GP*
Alpha TauriLiam Lawson – Belgian GP
Aston MartinNyck de Vries – Italian GPFelipe Drugovich – Abu Dhabi GP*
WilliamsNyck de Vries – Spanish GPLogan Sargeant – United States GP*
Alfa RomeoZhou Guanyu – Bahrain GP
* To be Completed but confirmed.

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