Race weekend shake-up looming

Stefano Domenicali insists the controversial ‘sprint race’ format is not the end of his efforts to spice up race weekends in Formula 1.

Domenicali, F1 CEO, wants the sprint race format to be expanded from three rounds in 2022 to at least six rounds next year. But he also sees other ways to make the weekends more exciting.

We will address the issue in the next F1 Commission meeting. The fans, the organisers, everyone wants it. The sprint race was just the first example of what could be improved. We are putting a lot of things on the table, many say no, but we have seen on some occasions the beauty of having a reshuffled race. We have an obligation to try, at least.

Stefano Domenicali.

As for the 2022 world championship, Formula 1 will almost certainly not get a 2021 style close title finale in Abu Dhabi this year due to Max Verstappen’s dominance.

But looking into a little more detail on what Domenicali said, will reverse grids actually change anything? Obviously it depends on what tracks, as somewhere like Monaco it would not be beneficial.

At Spa, Verstappen still won the race by 18 seconds despite starting 14th, he also won the Italian GP from P7, and was set comfortably to do so even if the race had not ended behind the safety car.

But the question is, will teams who are spending millions to put a fast car on the track agree to the idea of having their car start at the back of the grid to then be taken out? Most definitely not, so I think Domenicali might want to keep on brain storming more ideas…

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