Monza Tyre Allocation

It’s a big weekend for both F1 and Pirelli as we are in Monza at the Temple of Speed. As well as Pirelli enjoy their 150 year anniversary at home.

But, onto other matters, Pirelli have chosen the tyres for this weekend which are- C2 (Hard), C3 (Medium), C4 (Soft).

Eliminating the natural understeer tendency of the current cars is a challenge at the slow corners in Monza, with a strong rear end needed to achieve a perfect balance through the fast sections.

Traction is important to ensure a good drive into the flat out straights from the slower and more technical parts of the circuit: another well known characteristic of Monza.

The low downforce settings with a specific low-drag package, means that the focus is more on mechanical grip from the tyres.

t’s a big event for us as we enjoy our 150-year anniversary at home, where Monza also celebrates its first century! So we are looking forward to a big festival of motorsport in Italy, which we can rightly feel very proud of as we equip the most sophisticated and efficient cars in Formula 1 history with 18-inch tyres. Monza is well-known for its high speeds and some fast corners where it’s important to have a car with perfect balance. This year’s tyres should lead to less overheating at the rear on a track where the cars run low downforce and often use slipstreaming to gain a tow. With no sprint race in Monza this year, the teams will head into the grand prix with a bit less information than last time, which means that the strategic approach will be somewhat different.

Mario Isla, Motorsport Director.

Formula 2-

The Medium and Soft tyres are nominated for Formula 2 this weekend. Each driver has five sets of slick tyres to use across the race weekend. The Sprint Race will be lasting 21 laps, and the Feature Race on Sunday is 30 laps.

Formula 3-

Drivers have three new sets of Soft tyres, plus another set of mediums carried over from the previous round. The Sprint Race is 18 laps and the Feature Race 22 laps.

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