F2 Zandvoort – Day 2 & 3

Day 2-

Novalak got wheelspin from his getaway and in the second phase of the launch, Armstrong claimed the lead of the race, diving down the inside into turn 1. Novalak’s attempted defence baulked Juri Vips behind him, allowing Dennis Hauger a run alongside the Estonian at Turn 2.

Theo Pourchaire’s tricky start to the weekend got worse on Lap 2, dropping to 21st after out-braking himself at Turn 1 and running through the gravel after an attempted pass on David Beckmann for 14th.

A big lock up for Vips with six laps to go almost opened the door to Verschoor to seize P5 at Turn 10 but the Hitech driver gathered it up before the Trident could get close enough to pass.

The full top 10 are- P1: Armstrong, P2: Novalak, P3: Hauger, P4: Lawson, P5: Vips, P6: Iwasa, P7: Verschoor, P8: Sargeant, P9: Doohan and P10: Drugovich.

Day 3-

Drugovich covered off Doohan in Turn 1 but from third on the road, Logan Sargeant locked up and ropped right to the back following a trip through the gravel at the first corer.

But at Turn 7, Sargeant’s day went from bad to worse as the Carlin driver went into the barrier as he had contact with Boschung. The barrier required repair the race was red-flagged on Lap 4.

Doohan had DRS on Drugovich but a big lock-up from the Virtuosi Racing driver, on lap 9 into the first corner meant he had to file back in behind with a major flat spot as a result.

The Safety Car was out once again on Lap 17 after Marino Sato found the barriers at Turn 2, with his wheel becoming detached following his pit stop. The Safety Car was withdrawn entering Lap 22 but Lawson left it as late as possible to make his getaway.

It caught out plenty behind and contact between several driver. Doohan was one of those who got caught up in the melee, tagged by Verschoor from behind. The Virtuosi driver was out along with Novalak and Calderon – the Safety Car was deployed once more.

Due to delays and earlier stoppage, the Feature Race went to time rather than the full 40-lap distance. After taking the lead, Drugovich was comfortable out in front and he claimed victory to put himself within touching distance of the 2022 Drivers’ Championship.

The full top 10 are- P1: Drugovich, P2: Verschoor, P3: Iwasa, P4: Hauger, P5: Fittipaldi, P6: Cordeel, P7: Vips, P8: Beckmann, P9: Caldwell and P10: Pourchaire.

We are back this weekend for the second to last race weekend of the season, we are in Monza for Round 13.

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