Dutch Grand Prix

Now that was a short break… we are back this week for the second race in our triple header, and we are heading to Zandvoort for Max Verstappen’s home Grand Prix.

What can the Dutchman do this weekend? Will it be another win in the bag or will he have the Ferrari’s close behind him? Are Mercedes able to bounce back from last week and be up there in the fight again?…

Who needs a good weekend-

Charles Leclerc will be wanting a good weekend, he didn’t have the best race last weekend, so if he wants to either properly be in this title fight he will need to get a few wins under his belt, as well as this Mercedes are closing in on Ferrari in the Constructors so there is this also to think about.

Lewis, will be wanting to bounce back from last weekend, there is not many times in the season you see him DNF/ crash, so he will be wanting to help his team make a step forward and make the most of these next 8 races.

Lando will be hoping for a better weekend, obviously he had the engine penalty last week so he was towards the back of the grid, but with the Alpine’s having strong race weekends both of their drivers are closing in on the Brit in the drivers standings.

Predictions for qualifying-

My top five are- P1: Verstappen, P2: Leclerc, P3: Perez, P4: Hamilton and P5: Sainz.

I think it will be close for pole, but I also having yellow and red flags will play apart of this weekend’s qualifying session. At the time of writing this, there is rain to be expected on Saturday, with this possibly adding in to the mix we then could have a very mixed up grid.

Times for the weekend-

Friday 2nd-

  • Free Practice F3- 07:55am – 08:40am (BST)
  • Free Practice F2- 09:05am – 09:50am
  • Free Practice 1 F1 – 11:30am – 12:30pm
  • Qualifying F3- 13:00pm – 13:30pm
  • Qualifying F2- 14:00pm – 14:30pm
  • Free Practice 2 F1- 15:00pm – 16:00pm

Saturday 3rd-

  • F3 Sprint Race- 09:25am – 10:10am (BST)
  • Free Practice 3 F1- 11:00am – 12:00pm
  • Qualifying F1- 14:00pm – 15:00pm
  • F2 Sprint Race- 16:00pm – 17:00pm

Sunday 4th-

  • F3 Feature Race- 07:45am (BST)
  • F2 Feature Race- 09:20am
  • F1 Race- 14:00pm

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