Seats left for 2023

Seeing as we are past the halfway point of the 2022 season as well as having had an exciting start to the summer break and ‘silly season’ lets take a look at what seats are actually left, before we get back racing again!


Technically, Alpine’s seat is ‘taken’ due to them announcing Piastri at the start of the month, but since then we’ve had nothing from the French team, not even an acknowledgement on Piastri saying he hasn’t signed a contract.

But if Piastri is a definite no, then who could take the seat alongside Esteban Ocon? Well, if Piastri went to McLaren the first option would be Ricciardo. Zhou Guanyu, was an Alpine Academy member last year, but got released so he could driver for Alfa this year, could he possibly take the seat? If not their really only other option would be an F2 driver.

Alfa Romeo-

Valtteri Bottas has a multi year contract, so his seat is very much safe, but is Zhou Guanyu’s ? He hasn’t had the easiest season, and its not so much crashes but mechanical issues.

If he doesn’t get re-signed, he could be replaced by Sauber junior, Theo Pourchaire he is a favourite for the seat. If not Mick Schumacher possibly? Alfa Romeo still have a Ferrari engine and with Mick still linked to the FDA this could be possible…


K-Mag came back this year and got that multi year contract sorted straight away, where as Mick has been on a 1 year contract both years his been in the sport. But are Haas happy with him?

But who could possibly take the seat? I personally don’t see them replacing Mick, I think they’ll re-sign him, it would be a step back for the American team…

Alpha Tauri-

Pierre Gasly sticks with Red Bulls sister team, but who could possibly join him next season? For the past two years the Frenchman has been paired with Yuki Tsunoda, but has he impressed enough to keep his seat?

If not who could replace him? Well Red Bull have a few junior drivers, one in particular stands out to me is Liam Lawson, I’d say all he needs to do is for the rest of his F2 season is just score lots of points.


Williams already has Alex Albon secured for the 2023 season. But the British team has a few options for the second seat, as of right now, I don’t think the team is interested in keeping Latifi for next season…

But Williams have a few options and they are… Oscar Piastri, if they are still interested in him after the whole McLaren/Alpine situation. If not Nyck de Vries, he took the car out in an FP1 session earlier on in the season and he impressed a lot.

But I think, Williams are going to head to their Academy, and get F2 Junior, Logan Sargeant in that seat next year, he has impressed in F2 in his rookie season, and his now getting treated to an FP1 session at his home GP in America

Since this was posted Alex has been confirmed!

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