Porsche set to enter F1, 50% stake in RB

Details of Porsche’s Formula 1 entry have been revealed in legal documents, with an announcement expected early next month.

A document from the Conseil de la Concurrence in Morocco has set out Porsche’s intentions to purchase 50% of the Red Bull Formula 1 operation which would make them equal partners in a 10 year agreement, reported by Motorsport-total.

The document, reportedly submitted by Porsche AG and Red Bull GmbH, contains details of Porsche’s plans to buy half of Red Bull Technology. Antitrust regulations require authorities within the EU and 20 countries outside the EU must see the agreement, and details are reportedly set to be released by the Moroccan authorities as part of its legislative requirement to publish such agreements once they are agreed.

Only Red Bull Technology is mentioned in the document, although an agreement will in all likelihood include AlphaTauri in being supplied with Porshe power, with the sister Red Bull team, remaining fully in Red Bull’s hands.

The partnership between Red Bull and Porsche has long been rumoured to have been in the pipeline, with the German marque set to confirm their entry into Formula 1 once the 2026 engine regulations have been finalised and approved by the FIA World Motor Sport Council.

There had been lots of previous reports of an official announcement of the Red Bull-Porsche deal would come at the Austrian Grand Prix, but was delayed as the future engine formula was not fully agreed at the last World Motor Sport Council meeting at the end of June.

Meanwhile, reports of Audi lodging a bid to purchase a majority share of the Sauber Group persist, although Porsche’s fellow Volkswagen Group brand is not said to be as far along in finalising how their proposed involvement in Formula 1 will take shape.

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