Austrian Grand Prix

We are on our second week of the double header, and we are heading to the Red Bull Ring, Austria for Round 11. Will Red Bull make it count on home turf, or will Ferrari fight back? The Sprint also returns for the second time this season!

What can Carlos Sainz do this weekend of the back of his first win? Will he be going for number two already? Will Charles’ strategy go right this weekend? Or will it be another winless or podiumless weekend for him? What can the Bulls do? What can Mercedes do?? So many questions about how the Silver Arrows will do, and I can’t wait to find out!

Who needs a good weekend?

Daniel needs a good weekend, it’s just getting repetitive putting him in here. But in all honestly and hopefullness, I hope he does click with the car well this weekend, and its the return of the sprint so a chance to get further up the grid…

Alpha Tauri needs a good weekend, another non-points finish. If the car struggles in high paced corners, then they will more than likely struggle this weekend, unless they find the right set up.

Alfa Romeo will be wanting to sort out their reliability sooner rather than later, VB had to retire last race again, and its going to start hurting their championship if this carries on…

Predictions for qualifying-

My top five are- P1: Leclerc, P2: Verstappen, P3: Sainz, P4: Perez and P5: Hamilton.

I feel like Leclerc will just be looking for revenge, so he will do an absolutely stonking lap to put it on pole, but I think Max will be close to him. But if it rains, its going to be another story and we can see the Mercs fight for pole aswell. With a few surprises added in there aswell…

Times for this weekend-

Friday 8th-

  • Free Practice F3- 08:55am – 09:40am (BST)
  • Free Practice F2- 10:05am – 10:50am
  • Free Practice 1 F1- 12:30pm – 13:30pm
  • Qualifying F3- 14:00pm – 14:30pm
  • Qualifying F2- 14:55pm – 15:25pm
  • Qualifying F1- 16:00pm – 17:00pm

Saturday 9th-

  • Sprint Race F3- 09:35am – 10:20am (BST)
  • Free Practice 2 F1- 11:30am – 12:30pm
  • Sprint F1- 15:30pm – 16:30pm
  • Sprint Race F2- 16:55pm – 17:40pm

Sunday 10th-

  • Feature Race F3- 07:35am (BST)
  • Feature Race F2- 09:05am
  • Race- 14:00pm

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