Monaco Grand Prix

The most prestigious motor race is here, we are in Monaco for Round 7 of the 2022 F1 Season! It is also the home GP of Charles Leclerc, will he finally have a good race result here and make up for scoring no points last week? Or will Max Verstappen continue with his charge?

With overtaking not really possible here, qualifying is everything, so will we see some good performances from drivers to get further up the grid?

Who needs a good weekend?

Charles, even before what happened last week, he needs a good home GP. Last year, he qualified on pole before crashing, but if he does the same again (without the crashing part), there’s no reason why he shouldn’t win this race.

Daniel needs a good weekend, he qualified well last week, but he just went backwards in the race and ended up finishing outside the points, which McLaren wouldn’t have wanted.

Pierre Gasly, he got out performed by his teammate last week, and he managed to get into the points also. Pierre will be hoping to have a good qualifying and then he can go from their and see what he can do.

I think Aston Martin need a good weekend also, they brought basically a new car last week so it will be interesting to see how the car does around different tracks, but more importantly this week.

Predictions for qualifying-

My top five are- Pole: Leclerc, P2: Verstappen, P3: Sainz, P4: Hamilton and P5: Russell.

As I said earlier, qualifying is everything, so everyone will be pushing to improve their laps, but no mistakes can be made, its Monaco after all and it’s can bite at any point and ruin the drivers’ lap.

Times for the weekend-

Friday 27th

  • F2 Qualifying Group A- 10:40am – 10:56am (BST)
  • F2 Qualifying Group B- 11:04am – 11:20am
  • Free Practice 1 F1- 13:00pm – 14:00pm
  • Free Practice 2 F1- 16:00pm – 17:00pm

Saturday 28th

  • Free Practice 3 F1- 12:00pm – 13:00pm (BST)
  • Qualifying F1- 15:00pm – 16:00pm
  • Sprint Race F2- 16:40pm – 17:25pm

Sunday 29th

  • Feature Race F2- 08:50am (BST)
  • F1 Race- 14:00pm.

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