Should F1 even be racing?

This weekend is the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix as-well F2’s second round, but should we even be racing their this weekend?

An oil depot- around 7 miles from the track and owned by F1 sponsor, Aramco- was set ablaze during the first free practice in Saudi and a large black smoke cloud could be seen from the circuit…

F1 drivers met for four hours yesterday, after practice on Friday- which included team bosses and F1 chiefs, it continued till 2.30am Saudi Arabia time.

It is to be understood that the drivers raised concerns over the safety of the event in the wake of the attacks. But while the lengthy meetings suggested some drivers may have wanted to boycott.

But the Saudi Arabian GP is still set to go ahead as planned and team bosses have insisted they will be racing this weekend.

The fire at the North Jeddah Bulk plant.

My Opinion-

Plain and simply I think no. Putting drivers and team members at risk for what? And marshals too, people who are offering their time to make sure the race goes ahead. It’s quite unbelievable we are going to see a race happen.

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