Bolukbasi to not race

Cem Bolukbasi will be not racing this weekend as he has been declared unfit after his crash yesterday.

During free practice yesterday, Cem Bolukbasi crashed. It was a lengthy red flag and we saw Cem getting out of the car himself, after a little while.

A statement then was released by the FIA after Free Practice as the driver had been transferred to a local hospital.

A new statement which was released this morning declares that Cem is unfit and will not be racing:

Following medical examination, the driver of car #23 was found to have suffered a concussion and remained in hospital overnight for further precautionary checks. He has been declared unfit to race and has therefore been withdrawn from the event by the team.

Hopefully we see Cem back in the car at testing in a few weeks!

Cem took to social media

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