Records which could be broken this year

As always, a new season in F1 means potentially some new records being broken, lets take a look at which ones.

  • Most drivers’ championships

I think this is the most obvious one, but its probably the biggest out of all the records. Lewis is still tied with Michael Schumacher on 7 titles, but if the Briton wins the championship this year he will set a new record.

  • Longest gap between wins

Current Record: Ricardo Patrese- 6 years, 211 days. This record is ongoing, in a sense, as Fernando Alonso has waited since the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix for a victory. A triumph for the Alpine driver this season and it will have been at least eight years since his last.

  • Most Grand Prix appearances/most raced laps/most GP finishes.

Current Record: Kimi Raikkonen- 349 GPs/18,621 laps/278 finishes. Three of Kimi Riakkonen’s records are up for grabs this year. Firstly Alonso could grab the most Grand Prix appearances: he is currently on 334 to Kimi’s 349.

Next up, Alonso could complete the most F1 race laps as he just 529 behind Raikkonen. The Spanish driver could break that record by the 10th round this season.

Both Alonso and Hamilton are in contention when it comes to Grand Prix finishes, however Hamilton is just five behind Alonso, who in turn is 13 behind Raikkonen.

  • Most races with a single constructor.

Current Record: Michael Schumacher- 179. This could be broken this weekend, as Lewis Hamilton only needs one more Grand Prix start with Mercedes to beat Michael Schumacher’s tally with Ferrari.

  • Most wins at the same Grand Prix.

Current Record: Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton – 8. The German driver won eight French Grand Prix over his career, whilst the Brtion has had eight wins in Hungary and eight in Great Britian, one more at either venue and its another record.

  • Most podiums in a season.

Current Record: Max Verstappen – 18. This happened last year as Max stepped on the F1 podium 18 times out of 22 races. This year there is 23 races, so it could easily be possible if a driver does not have any mechanical issue or be involved in any incidents.

  • Most consecutive seasons with at least one win.

Current Record: Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton – 15. Hamilton has enjoyed 15 consecutive seasons with at least one Grand Prix victory, Michael Schumacher also has this record with 15 years from 1992-06.

  • Most podiums from outside the front row.

Current Record: Kimi Raikkonen – 72. This record requires some work Alonso needs 5 more podiums which were achieved to grab this record.

  • Most frequent pairing on the podium.

Current Record: Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel- 56. If Verstappen joins Hamilton on the podium 10 times this season, Max will take over from the former Red Bull driver.

  • Most consecutive race finishes.

Current Record: Lewis Hamilton- 48. Carlos Sainz is currently on a streak of 30 consecutive Grand Prix finishes- if Carlos manages to finish 19 more races in a row he will be the new holder of this achievement.

  • Most pole positions at the same GP.

Current Record: Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton – 8. Ayrton Senna took eight poles in the San Marino GP, Schumacher took eight in Japan and Hamilton has eight in both Australia and Hungary, one more at either and he’ll have the most pole positions at the same Grand Prix.

  • Most consecutive wins at the same GP.

Current Record: Ayrton Senna and Lewis Hamilton – 5. The Brazilian has won five Monaco Grand Prix in a row whilst Hamilton has a streak of five consecutive Spanish GP wins.

  • Most laps led without a win.

Current Record: Chris Amon – 183. New Zealander Chris Amon, dubbed my many as the ‘unluckiest’ F1 racer of all time, led 183 laps without winning a Grand Prix. But George Russell has led 59 laps, if leads 125 more laps without winning this achievement will be this… Surely not though?

  • Most home podiums.

Current Record: Alain Prost and Lewis Hamilton – 11. Prost took 11 French Grand Prix podiums over his career and is matched by Hamilton on 11 British GP podiums, only one more until its another record for Hamilton.

  • Most pole positions for an engine manufacturer.

Current Record: Ferrari – 232. Ferrari have the chance to extend their records as the most successful F1 engine manufacturer in terms of wins (240), pole positions (232), fastest laps (260) and podiums (784) this season. Mercedes is second in the charts in all but the championships stakes (where they sit behind Ferrari, Williams and McLaren), can only break the Scuderia’s record of pole positions this season; the Silver Arrows having 220 to their name.

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