Should Malaysia make a comeback?

The Malaysian Grand Prix, had been apart of the F1 World Championship from 1999 to 2017, where it was held at the Sepang International Circuit. In 2017, it got announced that the Malaysian Grand Prix was cancelled due to not being profitable.

But with the F1 calendar having changed so much in recent years, with new tracks being added and old tracks coming back and the recent events of Russia no longer holding a GP, could we see Malaysia make a comeback?

Twitter in Malaysia, has recently been trending with #Sepang, soon after going viral the hashtag went worldwide. A Malaysian motorsport news outlet has claimed that the Circuit committee has conducted an emergency meeting, then a local motorsport outlet said that the meeting was regarding hosting F1. As well as this, Sepang Circuit on twitter tweeted a number of tweets hinting at the idea of a return for F1.

The Malaysian GP lost its glamour to its neighbour, Singapore as the start-studded night time Grand Prix attracted major crowds compared to Sepang. The Marina Bay Circuit then became the hotspot for F1 fans in the South East Asian region.

But with the Singapore GP not being on the calendar since 2019 and only making a return this year, could their be room for the Malaysian GP to make a comeback?

My Opinion-

I personally think it should make a comeback, I used to love watching the Malaysian GP, but since covid and with South East Asia not having a GP in over 3 years surely tickets would sell out quickly for the Singapore GP, so having the Malaysian GP makes sense, a bit like having two US Grand Prix’s.

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