Aston Martin have officially launched their 2022 challenger, the AMR22 with a special event held at the headquarters of Aston Martin at Gaydon, Uk.

Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll will form the team’s line-up , in what will be their second season under the Aston Martin name.

The AMR22, features a curvy aerodynamic design required by revolutionary new rules making their debut. Now onto the livery, it has been updated with lime detailing blended with what the team described as a “refined version of the traditional green livery”.

The Mercedes powered Aston Martin team finished the season in seventh with Vettel scoring the teams best result with second in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. The team will now be led by new Team Principle Mike Krack, who will begin his role before pre-season running in Barcelona.

Owner, Lawrence Stroll said: “The Aston Clinton hill climb is about an hour’s drive from Gaydon and it was there that Lionel Martin launched Aston Martin into the heat of competition. That was the start of the climb that our Formula 1 team is still on today. We have a five-year plan to keep climbing and get to the top.”

Vettel added: “Look at that car, who wouldn’t feel excited about the prospect of racing that? And when it comes to hopes for the season, I do not think anyone really knows what to expect. There are new rules and of course all the teams will be hoping that they have got it right. Everyone wants to win, me included, and no one would be in Formula 1 if their dream was not to win. I am no different. The main thing is to keep moving forward and moving up. This is only year two of a five-year plan, so we are still quite near the start. But this team has big ambitions and big plans, and I am hugely excited to be a part of that.”

Lance Stroll said: “This is not only a big opportunity for Aston Martin, but also for all the teams. We just have to believe that we have done a better job and I know that everyone involved is working unbelievably hard to give Seb and me the best chance. At the same time, we have to be realistic heading into the new season. Our main aim is to move nearer the front than we were last year,” Stroll continued. “That would be progress. As Seb said, it is impossible to know where every team will be until we all get on track, and even then you might not know who has really got it right until qualifying in Bahrain. Aston Martin has some really clever people so I am optimistic we can make good progress this year.”

My Opinion-

The cars livery is just wow! Last year they had the pink on the car due to the BWT sponsor and yes it did look good, but this years car just tops it, the lime green makes the darker green pop a little bit more.

But on another note, it will be interesting to see if any other teams will be the same design as this especially on the vents section.

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