Penalty Points 3.0

So, its a new year but for penalty points that doesn’t mean its a fresh start… Last year I done a post in August during the break and I took a look at penalty points, now I’m looking to see how much it has changed since then.

As usual penalty points get taken of after being on the record for 12 months, with it currently being winter break no-one has any coming off until the season starts up again.

DriverPoints CurrentlyDifference from August
Yuki Tsunoda8+4
Max Verstappen7+7
Sergio Perez7-1
Sebastian Vettel60
Nikita Mazepin6+1
Nicholas Latifi60
Valtteri Bottas5+1
Lando Norris5-3
Lance Stroll5-1
Antonio Giovinazzi3-1
Pierre Gasly3+2
Lewis Hamilton2-2
Fernando Alonso2+2
Kimi Raikkonen2-3
Esteban Ocon1+1
George Russell1-3
Daniel Ricciardo0-1
Charles Leclerc0-2
Carlos Sainz0-1
Mick Schumacher00
Updated Penalty Points January 2022

A driver who needs to be careful is the reigning champ, he got his penalty points in September onwards so if he doesn’t want a race ban then he needs to keep it clean from March to August which holds 14 races as his only 5 away from doing so.

Even though Yuki has more than Max, Yuki can start clearing his sooner from April to July he got 4 points so if he keeps it clean from the start of this season he should be half of what his got now by the Summer Break.

With Guanyu Zhou joining and Alex Albon returning both drivers will start of with 0 penalty points. But with the calendar being 23 races long and it being such a compacted season anything could happen!

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