Norris announces own karting team

During the week of last week it saw Lando Norris announce something very special, his own karting team. He has collaborated with the OTK Kart Group to launch his own kart, LN Racing Kart.

Lando won a world championship on OTK’s FA Racing Kart back in 2014 and he was the youngest to ever do it, OTK and Lando have kept a good relationship since to then have his own kart to be used by them!

The LN Racing Kart will soon be on track, making its debut in international competitions in 2022, under the direction of Ricky Flynn Motorsport. The drivers, not yet announced, will compete in all the WSK and FIA Karting international events. LN Racing Kart products, available for MINI, Junior/Senior single-speed and shifter categories, will soon be available in the official worldwide sale network.

Lando took to his social media and said: “Karting is where it all started for me, I won my first world championship on OTK’s FA Racing Kart and I can’t wait for the day when someone wins their first championship on the LN Racing Kart. Bring on the future talent! Let’s do this @LNRacingKart, OTK & RFM.”

I think this is such a good thing to do, not many F1 drivers can say they have their own kart especially with the people who they kart with when they were younger! It must feel special for him to do this as its going back to a part of his child hood! I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a few more things come from Lando in the future and I can’t wait to see what he does!

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