Qatar joins ‘21 Calendar

We finally have confirmation on which track will be filling in for Australia this year and that is Qatar…

Qatar is set to make an appearance on the weekend of the 19th of November, making it its first ever F1 Grand Prix!

The Qatari circuit is most famous for its association with two wheel racing, with it having hosted the Moto GP since 2004.

The race is the last of the triple header, with Mexico and Brazil before hand, it should be an exciting weekend considering no-one has raced there so it could go either way!

It also got announced that Qatar will permanently be on our race calendar from 2023 for 10 years!

A statement from F1 said: “There was a strong will from Qatar to be helpful to F1, and in the course of this process, the vision for a longer partnership was discussed and agreed for 10 years. The step from the gesture to be helpful to F1 in 2021 to a long term strategy was short and simple and the vision for F1 to be the showcase for Qatar after the FIFA World Cup in 2022 was the driving force behind this long term agreement.”

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