Tyres for Monza

Well, we are on our final race week out of our triple header and we are back at Monza for the Italian Grand Prix! Pirelli have also chosen their tyres for the weekend…

We have the middle of the range this time around which are: C2 (Hard), C3 (Medium) and C4 (Soft). These are the same compounds which were selected for the last two years at Monza which offer a good balance for the demands on the track.

Monza is the second race this year which will host the sprint qualifying format. The usual tyre format has changed, rather than 13 sets for a weekend their will only be 12. During Friday qualifying, only the soft tyre can be used, where as in sprint qualifying you can use any tyres and their is no mandatory pit stop.

Monza is known for its flat out straights, followed by heavy braking areas, but with some slower than others and then some technical sections adding into it. The long straights as well makes the tyres cool down which then can affect the position of turning.

We also have Formula Two with us this weekend in Monza, returning for round 5! The tyres selected for them are the mediums and the softs. This is the first and only time that this selection will be made this year.

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