Penalty Points 2.0

Back in April I done a blog post looking at what penalty points are and how many each driver has. This time I want to focus on how many the drivers have now, half way through the season.

Penalty points get taken off after a year, so seeing as this time last year we was racing instead of summer break, it could shake the order up…

DriverPoints currentlyDifference from April
Lando Norris8+3
Sergio Perez8+6
Sebastian Vettel6+1
Lance Stroll6+3
Nicholas Latifi 6+6
Kimi Raikkonen 5+1
Nikita Mazepin5+5
Lewis Hamilton4-2
Valtteri Bottas4+4
Antonio Giovinazzi 4+1
Yuki Tsunoda4+4
George Russell4-2
Charles Leclerc 2-1
Daniel Ricciardo 10
Carlos Sainz10
Pierre Gasly1+1
Max Verstappen 00
Fernando Alonso00
Esteban Ocon0-1
Mick Schumacher00
Updated Penalty Points August 2021

A couple of the drivers need to watch out especially Norris and Perez, they are both only 4 points away from a race ban and with how close this season is, one race ban could change the whole dynamic in the championship standings…

The order has changed quite a bit, both Hamilton and Russell going down the order quite a bit. A few of the drivers have managed to stay in the same spot, like Verstappen, Schumacher and Ricciardo.

I think it will be interesting to see at the end of the season where the drivers are with the points, I can imagine a big shake up again…

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