Tyres for Hungary

We are back racing this weekend and the tyres for Hungary have been announced.

The middle of the range have been chosen and they are C2 (Hard), C3 (Medium) and C4 (Soft). This is the same as what Hungary had last year. The circuit doesn’t place any heavy demands on the tyres, meaning these compounds are well suited to the track, especially if the weather is warm.

Hungary is a very different track compared to the last round at Silverstone, overtaking is tricky on the track so planning race strategy and track position is key. Last years strategy was the wet and intermediate tyres were run at the start of the race because of the rain. But in 2019 (the same compound as 2021) both one and two stop strategies with Hamilton using a two stopper who won the race.

We have 70 laps of this track, the circuit length being 4.381 km and with only one DRS zone thinks can change very quickly…

We also have Formula 3 at Hungary this weekend too, they use the one tyre compound and that is the medium compound.

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