2022 Car

A life sized F1 2022 car got revealed last week at Silverstone and wow! I actually really like it, I know there is many different opinions but wow! The car was originally meant to be used in this season rather than next years but due to Covid-19 it got delayed.

There are many reasons why F1 has changed their car but some of the main ones are: -It’s been designed to promote better racing, etc overtaking. Currently preventing closer racing is the downforce loss. -Cars will run on more sustainable fuel. Current regulations see the cars run on fuel which contains 5.75% bio-components, in 2022 you will see the bio-component ratio rise to 10%. In the near future F1 will are looking to introduce fully sustainable fuel. -Safety. F1 has changed a lot within the regards to safety over the years, but next years car has been improved to make the sport even safer. The chassis now need to absorb 48% and 15% more energy respectively in the front and rear impact tests.

Things which caught my eye on the 2022 car-

-The things which stood out the most to me on the car was the rear wing, I think it looks a lot better than whats currently on the cars. -The size of the car, you can tell the difference when you have a birds-eye view of both the 2021 and 2022 car next to each other, you can see how slim it is. -Lastly, the over wheel winglets, they feature on the front tyres. They are there to help control the wake coming off the front tyres and direct it away from the rear win.

I’m very much looking forward to see next years livery on the new car! Long wait to go but something to look forward too.

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