Silverstone GP

We are back racing this weekend and we are at Silverstone, the home of many F1 teams and three drivers, Russell, Norris and Hamilton! We have a big weekend coming up with 140,000 fans there and not just F1 there either, we have F2 and the W series this weekend.

Can Lewis be victorious in-front of his home crowd? Or will Max extend his lead?… Will Lando Norris achieve another podium? Can George Russell score some points? SO many unanswered questions and I am here for it!!

This weekend at Silverstone we have a special thing happening, on Thursday 15th July, F1 will be unveiling the life-size 2022 car, with a talk through on the machines revolutionary design. This will be streamed on F1’s Youtube channel and Facebook at 15:00pm (BST) and 14:00 (UTC).

Who needs a good weekend?

I would say Lewis, yes he has performed well recently but he really needs a win this weekend! So lets hope there is some upgrades to the Mercedes…

I’d also say Pierre Gasly, he has had a good season and is currently 9th in the drivers championship but I feel like this weekend he will have something more to give. He has a fast car and he knows what his doing with it so I don’t see why not he will finish quite high up!

Predictions for Qualifying-

My top five for qualifying are Pole- Hamilton, P2- Bottas, P3-Verstappen, P4- Norris and P5- Perez.

I’d like to see Daniel end up somewhere in the top 10 and close to his team-mate too, I think it would be a great start to the weekend for the British team. Again, I’d like to see George get into Q3, hopefully the crowd gives him that extra boost…

I feel like Esteban Ocon needs a good quali, he hasn’t had very good past weekends, hopefully the two week break have let him chill and feeling fresh for Silverstone.

Times for the weekend are-

Friday- W Series Practice Session- 09:40am – 10:10am (BST) F2 Practice Session- 11:30am – 12:15pm (BST) F1 Practice 1- 14:30pm – 15:30pm (BST) W Series Qualifying Session- 15:55pm – 16:25pm (BST) F2 Qualifying Session- 16:50pm – 17:20pm (BST) F1 Qualifying Session- 18:00pm – 19:00pm (BST).

Saturday- F2 Sprint Race 1- 08:50am – 9:40am (BST) F1 Practice 2- 12:00pm – 13:00pm (BST) W Series Race- 13:25pm – 14:05pm (BST) F2 Sprint Race 2- 14:45pm – 15:35pm (BST) F1 Sprint Qualification- 16:30pm – 17:00pm (BST).

Sunday- F2 Feature Race- 10:50am – 11:55am (BST) F1 Race- 15:00pm – 17:00pm (BST).

Come back here or my social media for more updates over the weekend! You can find my social media in the contact me section of my page 🙂

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