Tyres for Silverstone

Pirelli have announced what tyres will be available this weekend at Silverstone which is holding the first ever F1 sprint.

The hardest of the compounds will be used C1 (Hard), C2 (Medium) and C3 (Soft). They will also be supply 12 sets of slicks rather than 13 with two sets of C1, four sets of C2’s and six sets of C3s. The compounds are the same as last year apart from the new rear tyres from when Hamilton suffered a puncture on the final lap.

With qualifying now taking place on Friday evening and a change to normal practice, all drivers must use the soft tyre for the session, which normally its a free choice. Now onto the Sprint on Saturday, the teams will have a free choice of starting tyres, with also a free choice for the race on Sunday too.

The test tyres they used in Austria, will now be used from British GP till the end of the season, they have reconstructed the rear tyre making them more robust.

We also have Formula Two back this weekend for Round Four, they have been allocated the hard and medium tyres, which is being used for the first time in 2021 for them.

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