Austrian GP

So we are back at the Red Bull Ring and unfortunately it’s our last race out of our first triple header! For some reason I feel like there has been a massive break in between the second and third race but the weekend is finally here!

Will Red Bull be victorious again and at their home grand prix? Or will Mercedes pull something out of the bag and surprise us? Can McLaren score a podium? This weekend could be very different to last weekends so it may play into some drivers and teams favours.

Who needs a good weekend?

Daniel Ricciardo needs a good weekend, I feel having two races back to back at the same track will benefit him a lot, I’m hoping him and the team have sorted out what went wrong last week and hoping for a good weekend but most importantly a good race!

Esteban Ocon, last weekend he finished 14th where as his teammate finished in P9. I’m not to sure whats gone on with him recently, maybe his had a confidence knock since his home Grand Prix? I’m just guessing here but it’s a shame his not finishing in the points, but hopefully the team and him have fixed it.

Track Limits-

The track limits haven’t changed since last week they are the following:

The track limits here always catch a lot of drivers out, meaning times will get deleted. Turn 9 will be monitored, any driver that sets a lap time by running out past the red and white kerb will have their lap time deleted. The same rule will apply to turn 10 with the same punishment.

There has been a small change to the circuit at Turn 6 exit, the kerb has been reduced in width by half, meaning that the gravel is closer to the circuit.

Predictions for Qualifying-

Pole I think will go to Hamilton, P2: Bottas, P3: Verstappen, P4: Perez and P5: Vettel

I’m hoping again that Russell will get into Q3, as he was so close last week and we all know his got the pace there to manage it! I’d like to see either of the Alfa Romeo driver’s near the top 10 so either P11 or P12 or even get into a Q3 session!

I think Tsunoda will be near the middle of the top 10 so around P6, we saw last week he had pace and he did qualify in top 10 but unfortunately he had his three gird place penalty, so lets hope he can improve on that!

Times for Saturday sessions are: FP3: 11.00am (BST), 12.00pm (CEST), Qualifying: 14.00pm (BST), 15.00pm (CEST)

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