Tyres for Austria

This week we have got a different set of tyres for the Red Bull Ring, Pirelli done similar to this at last years double header at Silverstone.

Pirelli have designated the softest compound and they are C3 (Hard), C4 ( Medium) and C5 (Soft).

The circuit isn’t very demanding on tyre wear, which then makes it possible for the softest tyres in the range to be used. The softest compound being used this weekend could push the teams for a two-stop strategy on Sunday, unlike last week where it was just a one-stop.

Pirelli are also testing a new rear construction of tyre in free practice, Pirelli say the decision has been taken “in addition to the recently issued Technical Directive and the latest starting parameters” they prescribed, following the tyre blowouts for Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll in Baku.

It is to be believed that this latest move by Pirelli is to build an extra margin on tyres used by the whole of the F1 grid.

Each driver will have two sets of the new tyres available for use in either of the practice sessions on Friday, if the test is successful then the new rear specification will be introduced from the next race, Silverstone onwards.

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