Russian Grand Prix to move

It got announced over the weekend that the Russian Grand Prix will be moving homes.

The Grand Prix is currently held in Sochi, however from 2023 it will be held just outside St Petersburg. Sochi has hosted every Russian grand prix since it joint the calendar in 2014.

The new venue- Autodrom Igora Drive was given its Grade 1 status by the FIA at the end of last year, making it the second ever Russian host of a Formula One Grand Prix. It has 10 different track layouts and over approximately 100 hectares.

It’s only 54km from St Petersburg and only 150km from the border of Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen’s home country of Finland.

F1 says that more details on the race will be released in the next coming months, this years Russian Grand Prix is set to take place at Sochi on September 26th.

My Opinion-

I think this is a good call! It’s always nice to go to new tracks as its exciting and the drivers wouldn’t have driven their before so anything could happen! Obviously unfortunate for Sochi but I don’t think it will be missed, not many people like the circuit!

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