Styrian GP

We are now onto our second race out of our triple header and we are at the Red Bull Ring, the home Grand Prix of Red Bull.

We have 71 laps on the Red Bull ring on Sunday, with ten corners and not one, not two but three DRS zones….

Will Max Verstappen win at his teams race weekend? Or will Hamilton win on his rivals home race? Will Norris be able to get another podium like last year or will it be his team mate? It’s all to play for this weekend and I am very much so looking forward to it!

Who needs a good weekend?

I feel like I mention this driver every time we have a race weekend but Valtteri Bottas needs a good weekend. The weekend hasn’t barley started and his already got a 3 grid place penalty for spinning in the pit lane during free practice two… As well he needs to be there to support Mercedes and I personally just don’t think his there which is a shame but his the only one to blame!

I think both Ferrari drivers need a good weekend, after what happened in France they both need a comeback! Also as they’ve lost a place in the Constructors to McLaren they will be itching to score some good points on Sunday.

Track Limits-

The track limits here always catch a lot of drivers out, meaning times will get deleted. Turn 9 will be monitored, any driver that sets a lap time by running out past the red and white kerb will have their lap time deleted. The same rule will apply to turn 10 with the same punishment.

There has been a small change to the circuit at Turn 6 exit, the kerb has been reduced in width by half, meaning that the gravel is closer to the circuit.

Predictions for Qualifying-

Pole I think will be Verstappen, P2: Hamilton, P3: Ricciardo, P4: Perez and P5: Norris.

I’m hoping we get to see Russell in Q3 this weekend! I just have a feeling about it, Russell’s highest qualifying position this year has been P11 so fingers crossed for the Brit!

I’d like to see Tsunoda qualify top 10, I feel like now he should start being more in the top 10 as he hasn’t exactly got a bad car! But I do keep in mind when I say this that he is new to F1 so he will make some mistakes! I’d like to see Vettel qualify top 10 too, I feel like he is being more consistent now and should be a regular sight in the top 10.

Times for Saturday sessions are: FP3: 11:00am (BST), 12:00pm (CEST). Qualifying: 14:00pm (BST) and 15:00pm (CEST)

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