Stats VS Drivers

We are now going into the 8th round out of 23 so I thought it would be a good idea to see the statistics for the eight drivers who have either changed teams or joined the grid.

Sergio Perez:

Qualifying vs team-mate: 1-6, Best qualifying result: 2nd Best race result: 1st, Race vs team-mate: 1-6 and he currently has 84 points (3rd). I feel like Perez has done an amazing job, he seems to have really settled in to the Red Bull seat, which we all know hasn’t been easy for some drivers!

Daniel Ricciardo:

Qualifying vs team-mate: 3-4, Best qualifying result: 6th Best race result: 5th, Race vs team-mate: 1-6, he currently has 34 points (9th). I personally think Ricciardo has now settled in McLaren and he will only get stronger from here! I’m looking forward to seeing how he gets on for the rest of the season, and lets hope there could be a few podiums for him somewhere!

Sebastian Vettel:

Qualifying vs team-mate: 4-3, Best qualifying result: 10th Best race result: 2nd, Race vs team-mate: 4-3, currently he has 30 points (10th) It’s nice to see Vettel back fighting for the points after a bad year at Ferrari, and you can see how well he is doing at his new team by the stats above, hopefully he can build on the points he currently has got.

Fernando Alonso:

Qualifying vs team-mate: 3-4, Best qualifying result: 9th Best race result: 6th, Race vs team-mate: 2-5, currently Alonso has 17 points (11th). Not going to lie I wasn’t too sure about Alonso coming back to F1 but to see him doing well is good, however there could be some improvement for him which would boost him and his team further up in the points.

Carlos Sainz:

Qualifying vs team-mate: 2:5, Best qualifying result: 4th Best race result: 2nd, Race vs team-mate: 2-5, currently Sainz has 42 points (7th) I think that Sainz has probably settled in the quickest out of everyone and it shows, he has the second highest point score out of everyone who has changed teams and also there hasn’t been a massive gap between him and Leclerc.

Yuki Tsunoda:

Qualifying vs team-mate: 0-7, Best qualifying result: 8th Best race result: 7th, Race vs team-mate: 1-6, currently Tsunoda has 8 points (14th). Now personally I don’t think Tsunoda has done that bad as a rookie… his scored points which go towards the constructors, and as his gaining experience in the Alpha Tauri, his likely to get stronger and more consistent.

Mick Schumacher:

Qualifying vs team-mate: 6-1, Best qualifying result: 15th Best race result: 13th, Race vs team-mate: 6-1, currently Schumacher has 0 points (18th) I think the statistics above show how talented Mick is as a driver, he keeps delivering in the car and to get possibly one of the worst cars on the grid to finish 13th is admirable, hopefully we get to see him get a few points this year…

Nikita Mazepin:

Qualifying vs team-mate: 1-6, Best qualifying result: 18th Best race result: 14th, Race vs team-mate: 1-6, currently Mazepin has 0 points (19th). It’s good to see that Mazepin has got the ability to do the over takes on other drivers and him finishing 14th is good for the team, one step closer to getting nearer to the points.


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