To sue or not to sue?

During the course of last weekend it came to light that Aston Martin refused to rule out taking the FIA to court due to regulation changes which have severely hindered them this season and we are only two weekends in…

A series of modifications made last year has reduced the downforce available from the rear floor which has harmed teams with low-rake cars, including Aston Martin. It’s taken the Silverstone based team from race winners to the lower end of the midfield.

These changes were made for safety reasons given the downforce was becoming too great for the Pirelli’s tyres… However the Aston Martin team principal Otmar Szafnauer believes its for other reasons😬

Although, this is now a different case and it seems like Aston Martin have now dropped this slightly… Szafnauer has softened his stance over the changes after a couple of meetings with the FIA. They are still in talks with the FIA but it was mainly wanting to know what the steps were and that their done properly and equitably.

In my opinion I don’t really understand why Aston Martin are bringing it up now? As they knew that their car was going to be affected and they weren’t going to be the only ones… The FIA know what they are doing and they want the cars to be safe to keep the drivers safe, as thats what really matters here. It’s not like it got sprung on them with a weeks notice? All the teams agreed to tweak their floors and got given plenty of warning…👀

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