Round 2- Imola Race

WHAT A RACE 😳 So much happened I don’t even know where to begin!!

Congratulations to the top 3, P1 for Verstappen, P2 for Hamilton and P3 for Mr Lando Norris👏🏻👏🏻 It’s safe to say my predictions didn’t come true🤣🤣but I suppose I can’t be right every time😉😂

Following Norris closely is both Ferrari drivers Leclerc and Sainz, I must say its nice to see them back again and also see them fighting with other teams. So close to Leclerc getting a podium but I am sure he will get at least one this year…

Now onto the worse part to always talk about, Bottas and Russell… The two came together quite ferociously after Russell was trying to overtake the Mercedes… It hasn’t been a good day for either of them, and I wont be surprised if Toto Wolff has a word with both of them. I do wonder though does this effect Bottas staying with Mercedes?

I am actually very shocked about Perez and Mazepin, I was expecting fewer mistakes from Perez, he had a good weekend but he let himself down today by spinning/ going off the track and not scoring any points. Mazepin, finished his first F1 race and only managed to spin once during the race which I think shocked a lot of people, including my self😂

We now have a two week break but we will be back on the 2nd May for the Portuguese Grand Prix and its safe to say I am looking forward to the fight…😁


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