Why F1 could get interesting this season…

So ever since the Rosberg vs Hamilton days back in 2016, F1 has done a 360 since then and became very predictable, however after the Bahrain race it made me think how things could change and become interesting throughout the season…

The most obvious one is Hamilton & Verstappen. There is no doubt Red Bull have up’d there game this year and how Mercedes are having a little bit of trouble… The race was exciting from start to finish which I think is so good and also more people would want to start watching it because there is now someone bringing the heat to Hamilton.

McLaren are on fire, they finished 3rd last year in the constructors and with the first race done the results were Lando 4th and Daniel 7th. They had a strong pre-season test and they showed in the first race they have a strong team, while some may see that Ricciardo finished 7th however we all know that he gets better as the season goes on and it was only his first drive with the team and it does take some time to settle in…

Ferrari are obviously back! Or at least trying to get back 🤞🏻. I believe they will not finish in top 3 of the constructors at the end of the season, but I do think they will finish 4th or 5th which isn’t bad compared to last years result! The competition for them this year I think will be Alpha Tauri.

Tsunoda is the dark horse this year! We all saw how good and consistent he was in pre-season testing, and over the race weekend… I do think as his experience grows we will see him grow and see him get more confident and get more points in the races!


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