Drivers Market

So with the 2021 season now underway and currently waiting for the next race weekend! Lets talk about available seats and drivers, I always think this is a good subject to talk about as you can make up some good scenarios!

Mercedes- They have both seats available at the end of this season, as the reigning champions will they keep both drivers for the 2022 season or will they possibly think about putting George Russell in one of the seats and retain one driver? I personally think Bottas may be out of a seat and Russell in one of them and joined by Hamilton…

Red Bull- So Verstappen’s contract ends in 2023, however Perez is only signed for the 2021 season. Potential candidates I think are Perez (depending on how he does), Tsunoda (the same again) and possibly bringing Albon back in? But then again Albon has to prove that he wants the seat…

Ferrari- I don’t think there will be any change in the Ferrari line up, Leclerc has a contract till 2024 and Sainz has one till 2022.

McLaren- Ricciardo’s contract finishes 2023 and Norris 2022, I don’t see either of them leaving the team any time soon!

Aston Martin- There is some uncertainty of how long both drivers contracts are at Aston Martin however I can’t see either them leaving until after the 2022 season.

Alpine- The returning Alonso, has signed up for 2 years so his contract is set to end in 2022. However Ocon’s ends this year, I think it depends massively on how Ocon performs this year… Saying that if he doesn’t then I think a potential candidate could be Pierre Gasly…

Alpha Tauri- Both drivers are up for grabs at the end of this season, could they retain Tsunoda for another year if he gets no other offers? If both drivers leave I could see Albon returning (depending on RB) and maybe somebody from Formula Two just not sure who yet…

Alfa Romeo- Once again, both drivers only have a years contract ending this year. To be honest I think Alfa Romeo may go with rookies, possibly Callum Ilott and Robert Shwartzman? Or the team could go down the route of retaining one driver and have one new driver.

Haas- The team have a line up for the 21′ and 22′ season, so no change there.

Williams- Both drivers contracts are ending this year, I believe that only one current driver will stay and I think that will be Latifi, and he could be joined by either Jack Aitken or Dan Ticktum possibly…


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