W12 & A521

So Mercedes have launched their W12 and all i can say is WOW, I didn’t think they could beat last years livery but they somehow have… Being a big fan of Mercedes and Lewis I was too excited for this one and it really did not disappoint.

The main change is the engine cover, it now has AMG over it all, also having the numbers which aren’t in bold and red unlike last years. They have added some silver back into it, so maybe they are looking to go back to the silver arrows next year👀. They also still have Niki Lauda’s red star on their too as a tribute to him.

Alpine also launched their first F1 car today and I was a bit hesitant of what to expect but the first words out of my mouth was WOW…

It is very different to the cars which have only tweaked their livery a little… but it does look good and definitely will stand out whilst on the track.

Teams:Launch Date:
Alpha Tauri19/02/21✅
Alfa Romeo22/02/21✅
Red Bull23/02/21✅
Ferrari 26/02/21(Team)✅ 10/03/21(Car)
Aston Martin03/03/21

Next up is Aston Martin on the 3rd March at 15:00 GMT, keep your eyes peeled for more updates as we go👀

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