MCL35M & AT02

So two cars have been revealed this week which was the McLaren and Alpha Tauri, and not going to lie this gets me so excited for the season!!

The first thing I noticed was the back of the car, it’s a lot more slim than last years. Obviously the colours have stayed the same and mostly all the design has too. I personally think that it looks a lot better this year. I cant wait to see how it will do in pre season testing and the races..

The other car which got revealed is the Alpha Tauri which is going to be driven by Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda. I have to say though I am looking forward to seeing what these two can do together.

AT02, 2021 car

So the first thing what stood out to me was the colour, its got more blue especially on the front wing and it looks a lot more slick. Another thing was the rims, they have gone for a bold white and I have got to say it looks really good.

Stay tuned for more car reveals and opinions… Next car reveal is Alfa Romeo 22/02/21


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