So Red Bull is one of the last two teams to announce when they are revealing their 2021 car. The RB16B is set to be shown off on the 23rd February. More details about the up and coming launch on Tuesday are set to be announced soon.

This year is last year that Honda will be powering the Red Bull, however Red Bull announced earlier this week they will be taking over the Honda engines from the 2022 season even though this seasons car is set to have a new Honda power unit.

The RB16B will be driven by Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. Perez has joint the team outside of the Red Bull drivers programme, he has replaced Alex Albon for the 2021 season, as they are looking to take the drivers and constructors championship away from the dominant Mercedes this year.

I personally think Red Bull could bring the fight to Mercedes this year as they have Sergio Perez with them, however I also do think that maybe Verstappen and Perez might clash a few times whilst on track as they are both strong drivers. Also if McLaren do as well as they did last year and especially because they have a Mercedes unit now too i do think it will be even closer between McLaren and Red Bull.

Teams:Launch dates:
Alpha Tauri19/02/2021✅
Alfa Romeo22/02/2021
Red Bull23/02/2021
Ferrari (Team) 26/02/2021, (Car) 10/03/2021
Aston Martin 03/03/2021
Updated Car Launches

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