The first Aston Martin Formula One car since 1960 is set to be launched on the third of March.

Previously known as Racing Point, the Silverstone based team have managed to sign four time world champion Sebastian Vettel, he partners along side Lance Stroll. When the car launches their also doing a Q&A.

Aston Martin was in F1 in 1959, and they left after the 1960 season. They are set to launch their car a day after the Mercedes and Alpine are too.

Recently on their social medias they have been posting a lot of teasers for everyone to see, and to be honest I cant wait to see the car reveal.

I really hope this is the break Vettel gets, he deserves to be with a good team which also has a good car. I would love to see him more frequently up in the points, fingers crossed it happens in the 2021 season.

TeamsCar Launches:
Alpha Tauri19/02/21
Alfa Romeo22/02/21
Ferrari26/02/21 (Team) 10/03/21 (Car)
Aston Martin03/03/21
Red BullTBA

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