Reverse grid? Sprint race?

So lately, there has been lots of talk about how F1 should change and what can make it more exciting, the two main ideas which have been spoke about a lot recently are reverse grid and a sprint race.

Firstly i have so many pros and cons of both but I do get why people are asking for it to be more exciting but then again why fix something thats not broken? There is still plenty of ‘drama’ on track, its just the fact that certain tracks don’t have the facilities for the drama as it could be quite dangerous if there was any…

So reverse grid has recently been shut down as an option to make F1 more exciting, last year it went to the teams however it failed to get support of all the teams in particular the dominant Mercedes. Personally it would off been good to see but also it is very predictable on some tracks where it is easy to over take it would be clear who would finish top three.

The next idea is sprint race which is very much still a contender, i am still 50/50 on this I think this could be a good idea and give everyone a fair chance – but will it then be the same results each time? How would F2 drivers feel about it. Some of the drivers who come up to F1 have done 2 years at formula two and then they are going to have basically the same weekends as they did. What would then make F1 different from the rest? I am so mixed opinioned abut this, I don’t think i will really know how i feel until they have one and to see how it goes.

Formula Ones new President and CEO Stefano Domenicali said they are trying to get the sprint race into the 2021 as an experiment and that there are discussions with the teams already on going. Also he said that he was also keen to find a way to give rookies more seat time in F1 machinery, especially because of the testing which has been shortened down. Now this I agree with I do think they need more time as a rookie to practice.

I am quite intrigued on what you guys think about a sprint race in Formula One, so I have made a poll to see your answers 🙂


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