The FW43B is set to have the covers taken off on 5th of March a week before pre season testing, currently Williams are the fifth team to announce their date.

Williams cars have all had the ‘FW’ after Sir Frank Williams. Frank and Claire (his daughter) both left the team last year after selling it to an investment firm Dorilton Capital. It is nice to see the new owners are happy to keep up the links to the teams history.

They have managed to keep Russell and Latifi as their drivers for the 2021 season however currently there’s lots of fans of George Russell wanting him to take a seat at Mercedes in the future. Personally I can’t wait see George in a better car, we all saw his performance at Sakhir…

Last season the car was FW43, however this years charger is an evolution of it, as all the teams will carry over lots of last years parts as its a part of cost saving measures to help cope with Covid-19 pandemic which explains why they have name it the FW43B.

Williams just haven’t got new owners they also have their old driver Jenson Button rejoining the team as senior advisor, hopefully this gets Williams back to where they use to be. In the last three years they have finished last in the constructors championship, let’s see if they make a comeback.

So we now have car launch dates for half the gird, this is definitely getting exciting and it means we are getting that little bit closer to testing and the first race of this season.

Teams:Car Launch Date:
Alpha Tauri19-02-21
Alpha Romeo22-02-21
Red BullTBA
Aston MartinTBA
Updated Car Launch

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