Yuki Tsunoda confirmed for AlphaTauri 2021

Well thats another seat filled for the 2021 season, only two more left after Yuki Tsunoda got confirmed this morning to be driving for AlphaTauri in 2021. The 20 year old F2 rookie drove for AlphaTauri this week in the young drivers test in Abu Dhabi. He has now took Formula one’s Daniil Kvyat seat meaning he has not got a seat for the 2021 season after not having his contract renewed.

Tsunoda is the the first Japanese driver to be on the grid since 2014, making him the 18th Japenese driver to be in Formula One. He came third overall in the Formula two championship with 200 points. In Formula three he shocked everyone and came out of no where half way through the season, then going into Formula two and only being there for a year, before moving onto Formula one in March.

There was speculation that Tsunoda would be with AlphaTauri a little while back because he is in the Red Bull junior team. Making Kvyat wanting to drive harder towards the end of the season to try and save his seat but it just didnt work.

What does this mean for Albon? He wouldnt want to accept an Alpha Tauri demotion after being in the Redbull so that explains why they have gone for the F2 rookie. Christian Horner confirmed at the beginning of December that it’s either Redbull or the bench for Albon.

Daniil Kvyat has said that he will try and focus and come back to F1 in 2022 depending on which seats are available if there is any, his taking the year off from racing unless something extremely good comes up. He finished this season 14th and only 32 points whereas his team mate Gasly finished p10 with 75 points.

Definitely looking forward to seeing Tsunoda drive next year and see how he does in the AlphaTauri and it’ll be interesting to see how Gasly reacts to a new younger driver come into the team and being his team mate.

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