Abu Dhabi Race

So that’s it, last race done with until 96 days, not like in counting👀. Big well done to Max for winning and leading the whole race😁

The McLaren boys were on fire 🔥 managed to finish 5th and 6th which made them finish 3rd in the constructors🙌🏻. Gutted to see them two going there separate ways but everyone knows the battle will still be on the track in March

Albon at the end of the race putting the pressure on Hamilton, has Albon done enough to keep his seat? He had a good weekend… but it shouldn’t just be based on one weekend, won’t be too long till we found out 👀

Poor Perez another race which he didn’t get finish, he definitely would of been in the points for sure if he didn’t have problems in lap 10

Riccardo, done so well keeping his tires so good for so long… finishing 7th was a good result.. looking forward to seeing him in a McLaren next year and see what he can do with it.

So many changes within f1 for next year including drivers changing or not got a drive for next year, two teams change names! Alonso coming back… and the Schumacher name back in f1 it’s definitely going to be an exciting year with 23 races 🙌🏻

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