Last Race Weekend of 2020

Well well well….

It’s just been confirmed Lewis is racing this weekend after testing negative this afternoon of arrival in Abu Dhabi! Happy to have #44 back on track this weekend!!

Absolutely gutted for Russell that his not in a Mercedes this weekend but I’m sure he will fully send it in the Williams for the final race!👊🏻

Will Albon be able to keep his seat at red bull? Or will Perez be the one to take it all away👀

After the events of this week with Nikita Mazepin could possibly not be in formula one for the 2021 season, so there could be a potential seat at haas for someone too, depending on what the Haas team decide to do😬

Now what everyone is talking about is Russell potentially taking Bottas seat for 2021 in the Mercedes🤔, personally I think it should happen! Bottas has underperformed so much this year, and it really showed when Russell jumped in the seat last weekend to be his team mate, it’s all just a waiting game, but a very exciting one👀

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